The use of blockchain in digital marketing

The use of blockchain in digital marketing

blockchain in digital marketing

The use of blockchain in digital marketing

Let’s see how you can use Blockchain for SEO, content marketing, content strategy, and … to take steps to keep pace with the technology. Always deal with a new system and new rules are difficult and dangerous, but according to the principles and practice of conventional methods that we will learn to you about the high potential of blockchain quickly, then you can use it in digital marketing.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the name of Blockchain is Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is just a small part of this powerful technology (Blockchain).

In this article, we’re going to discuss the blockchain in digital marketing and its activities. How blockchain will affect on content marketing? How can we sink our content strategy with this phenomenon? And what to do in general?

How Blockchain affect digital marketing?

Changes in data collection

Most people now have access to the Internet, but they need two tools to enter the world, or they may have two gateways. The first is ISPs and the second is web browsers.

Companies that supply and manage these gates can monitor almost all of our data; from what we buy from the websites we visit and the articles we read (recently published data that Facebook even records a list of all user calls and their contact details, even regular phone calls that users had without using the Internet). 

But what good is that data?

They sell this data. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent conviction was related to the same issues that had sold Trump some important US cities data in the recent US election.

The behavior of the citizens, the demands and shortcomings of the people of these cities, the concerns of the people, the interests and tastes, and all the things that Trump used in his speech in these cities and won the election competition. The amount of money traded in this exchange cannot be estimated at all.

Large advertising companies are officially or perhaps unofficially customers of these database collections. They buy this data and use it to identify advertising strategies and even the words that should be used in advertising texts and get the most out of them.

Even the content strategy and content marketing process of the companies that are the customers of these advertising agencies are determined based on this data (ie, any company can easily acquire a customer with these methods, even if its services and products are inaccessible).

Blockchain can be a solution to this problem. Blockstack is an example of this technology; a network that has called itself the new Internet for decentralized applications.

Blockchain is a network that considers the approved and valid signature of the blockchain, and users’ data remains only on the application’s servers, and no intermediary can collect and sell this data.

No logos or histories remain from user activity, and they are completely confident in the data they leave behind. Blockchain is just one example. Other newer models are now entering the field, and little by little they are coping with this method of data collection.


Remove MiddleMan or intermediary

Look at search engine marketing or SEM. Websites that use advertising banners on the site. How is this process done? These websites use Google to find advertisers because Google is a reliable source from which they can easily get their advertising expenses.

The next point is that when users search for advertisers in the Google GDN display network system, they know that they can get quality banner ads that do not harm the content of their site.

All transactions are done under Google’s supervision, and websites charge a fee for each click on the banner ad. Here Google plays the role of intermediary; Intermediary between the advertiser and the host site. This powerful medium makes a huge profit in the process Now with SEM Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Blockchain

Now get acquainted with SEM in blockchain style

Website owners do not need to log in to Google’s ad network to communicate with advertisers. Everyone in this system is valid and approved. This means that the site owner can easily interact with the advertiser.

The site owner can ensure that he can get his money’s worth from the advertiser, and the advertiser will be sure that his ad will be posted on the site; That is, there will be no intermediaries.

This system is more profitable for both the advertiser and the host site than the current system. In this system, the user can choose the ad and offer it to the advertiser.


Readers will probably determine the quality of the content itself, not the number of backlinks and the use of keywords.

How to use blockchain in digital marketing (SEO, content marketing, etc.)?

The immediate world is more beautiful. You can be as successful as you can be. There are no longer any intermediaries that charge you for registering your services or products. You will no longer pay extra through advertising and you will not be able to misuse your online content and assets.

Now let’s see how you can use blockchain in SEO, content marketing, content strategy, and more to keep up with this technology. Confronting a new system and new rules and regulations is always difficult and dangerous, but we will teach you ways to use this high potential in digital marketing as soon as possible, according to the usual principles and procedures. Saves SEO In 2019, what content is bothering your audience?

Build trust and credibility with blockchain

In one study, Walmart and IBM wanted to make their products and sales process clearer. They also provided customers with samples of purchases and imports and receipts and other costs to prove both the quality of the product and its price to the customer. In fact, with this technique and transparency, they wanted to increase the user’s trust and credibility.

With blockchain, all businesses can take advantage of this feature. With the rise of blockchain, this digital marketing technique can instill trust and credibility in the customer without the need for anything else. Because all payments, transactions, and activities of the system are regularly recorded and stored.

Customers can easily access this data and make sure the quality of the goods they buy, where it is made, and the authenticity of the goods are determined in this way.

CSR is becoming more and more important

Facebook donated $ 50 million to the victims. Google is building a school in Africa. Microsoft donated $ 100 million to charities. We often hear this news when natural disasters occur and things like that.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. In the blockchain system, all of this, known as corporate social responsibility, is made clear and documented to users and can be monitored.

Blockchain branding

When your business can be copied with this system and have a payment method based on bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, you will be recognized as a leading and innovative entrepreneur.

Innovative and creative businesses accelerate in branding. The point that digital marketers must pay attention to.

It can even be used in content strategy. You can use this strategy to attract users and engage more and attract more customers. In today’s world, any business that is up to date with the latest technologies is gaining more and more credibility.

Buyers enter the market

This can be illustrated with an example. For example, if you’re releasing a music album, in addition to selling the entire album together, you can also sell one of the album’s songs for a lower price, because the shopping system is much easier than before.

These micro-purchases can easily enter the sales flow. Or if you have premium products and services, you can offer this service for one day, two days, and even an hour in exchange for a lower cost. Monthly services are gradually being eliminated and the quality of work will be the criterion for identifying services.

In this micro-purchasing system, the quality of products and services is also more important. For example, if a premium service is not of sufficient quality, users will spend less time on it and will not have to pay for it for a month or a year.

Content will continue to play a key role

With the spread of blockchain, the content remains valuable, but you need to adjust your content strategy to it. In what aspect? Search engines will use blockchain data to verify the quality of goods and products. The keyword and SEO system we are currently dealing with may have wide variations and differences.

The quality of the content will likely be determined by the readers themselves, not the number of backlinks and the use of keywords (this is speculation, of course, and it remains to be seen how search engines update and optimize their system in this cycle.) In this case, users’ quality feedback will be the basis for search engine optimization.

Counterfeit goods and goods are quickly identified. Fraud and phishing will be much less common, and we will see less spam content, and content marketing will flourish. In this system, real, powerful, and useful content will rank better, not content that has been upgraded by SEO clinics and techniques.

Entrepreneurs must have a content strategy appropriate to this type of ranking system. An equal and coherent system is created for all individuals and businesses so that they can easily attract customers by using their specialized knowledge and using content marketing.


New marketing and sales strategies for goods and services

What do you think will change with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, discounts, email services, and marketing systems? Even the delivery and receipt system, as well as the referral of goods, are optimized.

Special rewards and discounts can be considered for loyal customers because, in this system, all people are verified and valid. This will also be very effective in attracting loyal customers.

Content marketing campaigns will be easier to email because users are often people whose identities have been fully verified and you will not send fake and fake content emails.

Target audience or your marketing goal can be identified through interactive and metadata data, and new perspectives and attitudes about the audience’s personality and ways of attracting the audience will be implemented.

The conclusion

Are all of these statements just probabilities or will one day come true? Can such a large and powerful system be expected? All of the scenarios mentioned here were based solely on ideals. Because this technology and its projects are currently being developed, no one knows for sure which aspects of this technology will be available.

If one or two large groups of this movement began in earnest, a more precise and confident decision can be made in this area.

But content marketers must always be alert so that they do not fall behind in this movement and be able to keep up with it. Don’t lag in content strategy, content marketing, sales, and advertising, or other aspects of the business world.

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