How Blockchain technology can affect Content Marketing?

How Blockchain technology can affect Content Marketing?

blockchain in content marketing

The relationship between blockchain and content marketing

“Content is King” is a slogan used by business owners and content marketers everywhere. While some companies put this slogan at the forefront of their work and produce quality, informative content, many of them have just produced a lot of content.

This has led to the distribution of a large amount of low-quality, fake content on the Internet. Also, this trend has caused a lot of misinformation and even completely fake information to circulate on social networks and news sites.

In addition, businesses that spend a lot of time and money on content production complain about copying content and not mentioning the source.

Gaining consumer confidence is also one of the main goals of content marketing. One of the problems in the field of content marketing is the distrust of the brand and the impact that this distrust has on content marketers.

Consumer confidence in content marketing is very important. Fake news, fake customer feedback, distrust of the government, distrust of businesses and the brand are all problems that affect content marketers and brands.

Five years ago, customer support, audience feedback, and referral systems were considered “reliable” sources for consumers to evaluate purchases. In recent years, some businesses have published fake comments on the site to improve the site’s ranking or simply record positive reviews.

Despite the efforts of these businesses to increase audience engagement, the invalidity and inaccuracy of many content and statements is evident, and therefore consumer confidence has greatly diminished.

Due to the need to increase confidence in marketing, many marketing technology solutions have been created. Many newcomers to space focused on proving the value of advertising networks, proving that advertising is seen by real consumers and that advertising networks have been effective in increasing conversion rates.

But consumers expect reliable interactions and move toward interactive systems that meet their needs. The blockchain industry meets the needs of consumers with technology, which confirms the cost-effectiveness and reliability of the platform and the views of online networks.

blockchain in advertisingBlockchain is a powerful technology that has the potential to solve these and other problems in the content marketing space. The technology is a digital general office that records transactions and stores them in encrypted form.

After registration, the blockchain block cannot be changed or replaced. They can be made available to anyone, but there is no way to change or delete a block that has already been registered.

Due to the security and accurate maintenance of records, blockchain can be used to investigate fake news. By tracking the source of the news and examining its source, real news can be distinguished from baseless, base, and fake news. Blockchain records a lot of information. Everything from the main source of content (physical and digital) to the sources used for citation can be tracked and analyzed. Publishers, entertainment bloggers, and trusted news sources are more confident that the information they share is documented.

Blockchain can also address issues such as plagiarism thanks to its accurate record-keeping and unalterable transaction history. Blockchain shows the history of the original content and helps the original author report any copied content and plagiarism.

Also, its ability to process all corrections has made blockchain a useful tool that demonstrates the performance of content and the interaction of the audience rate it receives.

The blockchain information is more accurate than the available information and can be used to evaluate performance Gained insight into relevant criteria.

blockchain in advertisingBlockchain and Advertising Technology

Although most content marketers aren’t the ones who buy ads directly, they are greatly affected by the fact that content is distributed and advertised through advertising technology.

Advertising costs are one of the most important metrics in a marketing segment because advertising not only requires more funding than other marketing efforts (such as content creation) but is also one of the budgets that are easily wasted due to fraud and deception.

Findings from Juniper’s research show that more than 9 percent of advertising costs are lost due to fraud, which amounted to $ 19 billion in 2018. Research from the Marketing Science Consulting Group has found that the cost of advertising fraud is even higher, at about $ 21 billion a year. Advertisers pay for visits and clicks on their ads, and in advertising technology, clicks and fake visits are easy.

Hackers and individuals can visit and click on your website just to get more advertising revenue for your website. Hackers or hackers backed by the foreign government have systematic ways to click and fake ads to make money.

But in blockchain technology, ad networks can more accurately share information with these people and fraudsters and block them from the ad network. In this way, they are more confident that the visits and clicks they receive are from real consumers.


Also, as many content marketers know, when you buy ads, you need to choose from a wide audience of people who want to see your ads, and you can also select websites by topic and category. However, are you sure that your article will be shown exactly to the people you want? With ad networks, you can’t be completely sure that your digital assets have been shown to the right people. This is where blockchain comes into play as a way to track ads again, place ads on sites, and validate the audience of ad visitors.

Communicate content, influencers, and customers

Influencer marketing is a key component in the production and distribution of viral content. How do you find influencers? Are they as popular as they claim? Are their fans real? How much money do they want?

SocialMedia.Market is a company that uses blockchain to solve these influencer marketing problems by adding transparency to the above and reducing the contractual problems of hiring an influencer.

More effective content advertising

A good content marketer knows that there are guidelines for successful content production. However, they know that one of the biggest challenges is viral content. If your content is received by the right person and advertised by them, the content will be viral.

ClearAd is a blockchain technology that is creating a way to reduce the likelihood of a trade deal. With ClearAd technology, you can create a reward system for small influencers to gain credibility when promoting a post. All that lesser-known influencers have to do is like and send a post, and then they will receive a small reward from your brand for doing so.

ClearAd blockchain technology ensures that you have higher quality ads, pay only the actual influencer, and pay lower intermediate costs. Like many blockchain technologies. 

Although blockchain has already influenced content marketing, there are still a few years left to revolutionize the space. In the field of content marketing technology, many advances can be made that are not yet known or are being developed.




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